The Loves Merchant.
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   Once upon a day I ventured into the shop…and now listen to, there is what happened……:
I ventured into the shop and the merchant said: ‘what’s Madam’s desire?’ I said: ‘yes, it’s me but how did you find out about my name?’ - ‘Mere intuition Madam, mere intuition! How can I help you? What would be pleasing you, Madam Désir? - ‘Hem…Let us say that…I would want… I would want a Crazy Love….’ -‘But, Madam, it’s an extremely fragile item and we don’t keep it in store. And, I must say that it is less and less asked for. That is… that is that, nowadays you see, the Crazy Love, Crazy, really Crazy, Madam, is easily cured. One is paying a visit to the heart-straightener and one is getting a thin, totally sound-proof carapace, fitted onto you. Very soon, Madam, you will not hear a single heart-beat in the street anymore. While once upon the poet’s time, upon the milliner’s time, the uproar was deafening! Furthermore, Madam, for a Crazy Love, there is nowadays the problem of cost!’ - ‘Oh!’ I said, ‘Yes, of course, of course I know, but I’ve got some resources, I can pay.’ And out of my hand-bag I drew all what I had set my heart on: bundles of failed Loves, un-complimentary tickets, ingots of bitterness and all that small change given for lesser loves. I said: ‘Look! I’ve been saving money and, moreover, I’ve got an account with the Luck’s Bank.’
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